About Us

Our vision is to leave as an enduring legacy the wild nature, natural beauty and sustainable environment of the Little Manistee Watershed for future generations to experience.

Our mission is to bring together persons and organizations who have an interest in the resource conservation and restoration of the Little Manistee River, and preserve the natural character of the watershed by communicating resource problems and then offering and implementing problem resolutions.

We are a state chartered non-profit, tax exempt organization. All contributions are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Our business is conducted by a council of trustees elected by the membership. All positions are voluntary and non-compensated.

Things You Can Do to Help Save Our Rivers:

  • Protect Riverside Greenways
  • Never put unwanted chemicals on the ground
  • Maintain your septic system
  • Use non-toxic, environmentally friendly products
  • Recycle used oil and antifreeze
  • Conserve ground water
  • Get involved