Member Survey

You may Member Survey FW 2012 and return to us by email at contactlmwcc (at) gmail (dot) com or drop in post mail:

P.O. Box 52
Irons, MI 49644


Annual Member Questionnaire

MEMBERSHIP: Please check all appropriate answers.

1. How long have you been a member of LMWCC?

More than ten years _____

More than five years _____

Less than five years _____


2. Have you ever volunteered for a work project including water quality and bug surveys?

YES _____ NO _____

2a. If NO, why?

Inconvenient timing or distance _____

Physical limitations _____

NO interest _____


3.Have you attended annual Council meetings?

YES _____ NO _____


3a. If YES, how many in the last ten years

Every one _____

Less than five _____ (Please go to 3b.)


3b. If NO, reason:

Inconvenient timing or distance _____

Dull presentations _____

Not interested in the activities of the council _____


4. Have you participated in the annual raffle and/or auctions?

YES _____ NO _____


5. Have you donated to the annual auctions?

YES _____ NO _____


6. What do you think about the annual membership dues?

Too much ____

I would pay more _____ (Please go to 6a.)


6a. If so, have you made extra contributions when renewing your


YES _____ NO _____

If yes, how?

Howard Roberts Fund _____

Protector of the River _____

Friend of the River _____


7. In the last year how many times have you been on the river: canoing, kayaking,

floating, fishing, swimming? Please specify activity or activities.




WEBSITE: Please check all appropriate answers

1. Have you visited the website in the last six months?

YES _____ NO _____


1a. If YES, overall impression (check all that apply):

Attractive format? _____

Informative? _____

Easy to navigate? _____

Up-to-date? _____

Sufficient contact information? _____

Interesting links? _____


2. Would you like to be able to:

Renew membership on-line? YES _____ NO _____

Purchase LMWCC merchandise on-line? YES _____ NO _____

See more photos of work projects? YES _____ NO _____

Volunteer on-line? YES _____ NO _____


NEWSLETTER: Please check all appropriate answers

1. Are you satisfied with the frequency of the newsletter mailings?

YES _____ NO _____

1a. If NO, MORE_____ or LESS_____ frequently?


2. Is the newsletter an effective means of keeping you up-to-date with Council activities?

YES _____ NO _____


3. Are you interested in the annual results of water quality and invertebrate surveys?

YES_____ NO _____


4. Do you want to see the fish count data taken at the weir each spring and fall?

YES _____ NO _____


5. Would you like to receive the newsletter as an email?

YES _____ NO _____6. Would you like to see articles broader in scope such as the “Fracking” article?

YES _____ NO _____


COUNCIL ACTIVITIES: Please check all appropriate answers

1. Are you satisfied with the decisions and subsequent work of the Council’s Trustees?

YES _____ NO _____

If NO, what would you like to be different? ______________________________



2. Are you satisfied with the Council’s financial status?

YES _____ NO _____

If NO, why? _______________________________________________________



3. Are you willing to serve a two-year term as a Trustee of the Council?

YES _____ NO ______

If no, why?

3a. Inconvenient timing and distance _____

3b. Little expertise to offer _____

3c. Too great a commitment _____


4. Rate how important (5 being most important 0 being none) each of the following is to

you as a member of the Council/riparian owner (Please circle one or both if


Funding sources for projects _____

Membership numbers _____

Volunteers for projects _____

Receiving a Council newsletter _____

Monitoring of the health of the stream _____

Fish populations _____

Responsibly maintaining a clear waterway for recreational activities _____

Paving road crossings to eliminate the influx of sediment into the stream _____

Bank remediation and stabilization _____

Erosion _____

Water quality _____

Fish habitat creation/restoration _____

Maintaining and up-dating the Council’s website _____

Catch and Release Fishing _____


Thank you for your time! The Council sincerely appreciates your input.

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