River Signs Installed on Bridges

Sign Installation Report – July 2011

The LMWCC board contracted with sign maker The Jant Group for 35 road grade type signs which were delivered in May 2011. Subsequently, 16 signs have been installed so far as per above.  The additional signs will be installed after the Board secures sign posts in September. So take some time and look them over. The intention is to make more individuals aware of our organization and hopefully boost membership participation as well. If anyone has an idea of other sights that could benefit from installation of a sign, please contact any board member.

BRIDGE                              Signs Installed

Bridge below weir       1 sign only,  needs post or stake

6 Mile                                   2 signs

9 Mile                                   2 signs

18 Mile                                 2 signs

Poggensee                         2 signs

Fox                                        2 signs

DeWitt                                1 sign only

Johnson                            1 sign only

Indian                                 1 sign only

M37                                      no signs installed

M63                                      2 signs                     

Carrierville                     No signs, needs stakes

Luther                                No signs,  needs stakes

The board also has developed car stickers and refrigerator magnets that are now available for interested Council members, and anyone else for that matter. We plan on sending the car stickers with the annual dues renewal and will sell the magnets and additional stickers for a nominal fee for those who want them. The web site information is on both the signs and stickers.


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