What We Do

Get Involved
Members and volunteers of the LMWCC contribute in a number of ways and do a variety of tasks to preserve, protect and enjoy our watershed. Listed below are some of the ongoing programs available.

River Steward Program
Under our “adopt a river” program, volunteer “stewards” are designated for specific sections of the river. Stewards survey their “beat” periodically, identify and prioritize problems and projects in their beat, help organize and manage projects and assist us with communication between the council and property owners in the beat. Learn more about the River Steward Program here…

Stewards are asked to:

  • Float or walk their beat at least twice each year to survey their beat, with one survey occurring shortly after spring high water
  • Report new erosion points and other potential problems in their beat to the council (photos and GPS coordinates are appreciated)
  • Periodically collect stream bank and stream bottom litter
  • Help the council identify and prioritize erosion control, fish cover and other projects in their beat
  • Help us coordinate staffing and manage these projects
  • Facilitate communication between the Little Manistee Watershed Conservation council and property owners in their beat and help promote membership and participation in the council

Stewards are encouraged to report any violations or illegal activity they observe by calling the Lake County Sheriff at 231.745.2712 (for general illegal activity), the DNR at 800.292.7800 (for hunting and fishing violations), or the DEQ at 800.662.9278 or 800.292.4706 (to report environmental problems or pollution emergencies). However, appointment as a steward confers no legal authority. For their own safety, we ask that stewards do not attempt to personally intervene in any illegal activity.

Persons who wish to volunteer should contact the river stewards chairman at glewis@wnj.com .