Our Mission

Mission of the LMWCC

Mission Statement: To bring together persons and organizations who have an interest in the resource conservation and restoration of the Little Manistee River and its watershed. Our goals are to restore, protect, and preserve the natural character of the watershed by communicating resource problems and then offering and implementing problem resolution. We are a state chartered non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax deductible under §501c{3} of the Internal Revenue Code. Our business is conducted by a board of directors elected by the membership. All positions are voluntary, non-compensated.



  • To monitor the health of the watershed.
    • Annual water quality survey
    • Annual aquatic insect survey
    • Periodic woody debris survey
    • Periodic “top to bottom” survey to assess bank erosion, sedimentation from road crossings, and fish habitat degradation
    • Accumulate available fish population data.
  • To identify, recommend to appropriate state and local authorities, secure permits for, fund, and staff various remediation projects or contract for the completion of those projects when necessary.
  • To identify potential sources of funding: public, private and corporate.
  • To insure recreational opportunities for all types of river oriented activities..


  • MDNR
  • Conservation Resource Alliance
  • USFS
  • USF&WS
  • The Little Manistee River Watershed Restoration/Partnership Committee
  • The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians



  • SWAT Team – formed to maintain a clear and navigable waterway by cutting away fallen debris. Established in 2005
  • River Stewards – volunteers periodically police a designated section of the river. Established in 2004.
  • Salmon-in-the-Classroom – a program begun in 1999 in conjunction with local schools to raise students’ awareness of the resource and the salmon egg-taking operation at the Little Manistee weir.
  • Maintain a website with current pertinent information. Established in 2003.
  • Distribute a periodic newsletter and other informative mailings to all members detailing the council’s on-going projects, survey results and their significance, to keep members informed of the council’s activities.
  • Work in conjunction with members of the LM Watershed Restoration Committee “for the conservation and improvement of the water quality, fisheries, wildlife, forestry, and free flowing characteristics of the Little Manistee River” including the maintenance and improvement of road crossings.