How You Can Participate

We are conducting the development and implementation of the Little Manistee River Watershed Management Plan through an open, inclusive process that includes representation of all interests in the watershed.  The Plan should involve area citizens; year round and seasonal residents and youth; schools, community colleges and universities; riparian owners; landowner associations; businesses and business groups; agriculture; all forms of government; including Tribal government; citizens and civic groups; students of all ages; recreators; conservation organizations and others.

We expect to hold Public Meetings of Watershed Stakeholders in May and June of 2018. Please watch for notifications and plan to attend.

Participants in the plan are encouraged to work at the most engaged level they are interested and able to participate at.  This can range from communicating by email with the contacts below to attending steering committee meetings or sitting on the steering committee and/or subcommittees and participating on specific tasks you are interested in.

We especially ask that you sign the Partnership Agreement to show your support.  The Partnership Agreement is simply a pledge to “Participate as best you can” in the efforts and support the concept of a plan.  It does not convey any specific responsibilities to those signing the agreement.  Signatures on the partnership agreement help us show sources of funding the breadth of our community support.  Signatures also add credibility and validity to the plan by indicating that the community broadly supports the development and implementation of the plan.
Signed Partnership Agreements can be emailed to us at:
Or Mailed to:
Little Manistee Watershed Conservation Council
P. O. Box 52
Irons, Michigan   49644