Ongoing Erosion Control Projects

Carrieville Erosion Site #13 before (2)

Carrieville Erosion Site, identified as site #13 in the Eroding Stream Bank Assessment

This is a first installment concerning the process/outcomes of the various work programs the LMWCC has initiated based on two surveys completed in 2015. These studies documented erosion sites along the Little Manistee River from Kings Highway Bridge down to the weir and an in-stream fish habitat analysis also identified several sections of the river needing improvement. Some 82 erosion sites were identified and classified as either severe, moderate or minor (view the Eroding Stream Bank Assessment).

Based on those studies the LMWCC has undertaken efforts to eliminate the erosion on both public and privately owned sites as best we can by first taking action on the severe then working downward from there. We have also initiated a fish habitat improvement project in section 3 of the analysis, and assisted TU on a project they supported in section 2 and last year completed a 2 year introduction of large woody debris project also in section 3. We are in a continuous process of notifying property owners of the various sites starting with the highest priority sites and working in cooperation with the owners to best address and remediate the problems.

The process works somewhat like this – We introduce ourselves via a letter and briefly describe what we think the problem is and give a brief description of the process we propose to follow to succeed in resolving it. The purpose of the letter is to first notify the property owner/s of the situation and secondly offering to meet them to conduct an in-depth analysis of what remediation actions would best serve to eliminate further deterioration at those sites and thirdly to receive their permission to proceed. All future work needing accomplishment would be prioritized and certainly nothing would be done without ownership cooperation and full approval.

It is envisioned that a project of this scope will encompass several organizations as well as some time to complete; but, we are willing to put forth the efforts needed to help ensure a continued healthy and vibrant river system that is the Little Manistee River. To date we have used only LMWCC funds to accomplish the tasks and do not anticipate individuals incurring any cost. The plan is to garner various grants and donations as we work our way through the list. This is envisioned as a multi-year program which we feel can only improve our already robust river. We look forward to working with all the various parties we anticipate meeting in completing the program.


Tim Phillips


(Progress chart to come)


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