News Releases

February 2017 

The little Manistee Watershed Conservation Council (LMWCC) and its partners are seeking Public Comment for a Watershed Management Plan for the Little Manistee River.

The LMWCC was founded in 1996 as a 501 (C)(3) organization. Historically we have partnered with other conservation organizations, townships, counties and private individuals as well as state and federal agencies. We monitor watershed health and complete projects such as fish cover, road crossing improvements and stream bank erosion control.

As part of our ongoing efforts to preserve, protect and enjoy the Little Manistee River the LMWCC is acting as the lead organization in partnership with townships, counties, state and federal agencies, businesses and other organizations as well as individuals to create a Watershed Management Plan for the Little Manistee River. The purpose of this plan is to bring together the interests in the watershed and gather factual information on the history, current status, trends and issues to generate shared ideas for the future of the watershed. The watershed community can then use the plan to manage the future state of the watershed and drive specific projects defined and prioritized by the plan The plan is also a critical component for fundraising from major funding sources that would not donate unless such a plan is in place and the project is in the plan. Some other rivers in the area have plans in place and it is difficult to compete for major funding without one. These donations can let us complete projects that we could not fund with local money.

While the LMWCC and our partners can drive the creation of the plan, the watershed community defines the content of the plan through this survey and future public meetings that will take place later in the spring or summer. We hope to hear from all stakeholders, including landowners, business owners, residents, visitors and other parties with an interest in the watershed.

Please, go to and take the 5-10 minute survey.

If you have additional input beyond the survey or would like to help, be added to our emailing list or attend future working meetings, please respond to You can see additional information about the LMWCC and status of the Watershed Management plan at