Johnson Bridge River Access Project

A better way to access the river is now available where the Johnson Bridge crosses the Little Manistee.

LMWCC member and TiKi Lodge owner was concerned about how the steep bank at the bridge was eroding into the river due to the foot traffic of people accessing the river at this site. He asked the LMWCC to look into a solution to prevent the erosion and divert river users onto a new path. LMWCC vice president, Jim Squiers, along with members Joyce Durdel and Lou Fitz, consulted with Steve Leonard of the Lake County Road Commisson about a possible plan to address the property owner’s concerns and that would also be acceptable to the road commission that holds the right-of-way at this site.

Through the collaborative efforts of the LCRC, the TiKi Lodge owner, and funding by the Jay Jorgensen Family Foundation through the LMWCC, an access ramp designed by Steve Leonard was installed before the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Some natural landscaping and finishing touches will be added soon to complete the project.

Pictured below, Lou Fitz observes the progress while LCRC’s Kelly Gallentine, Josh Myers and Randy Sparks start work on the ramp by the Johnson Bridge.


during the work project


River access after the work is done