Little Manistee River Private Lands Sites: Before, During, After Flooding in July 2019

Date: December 18, 2019 Subject: Little Manistee River Private Lands Sites -Before, During, After Flooding Author: Nate Winkler, Biologist   Project Overview The projects illustrated herein were performed on privately-owned lands along the Little Manistee River. The sites are… Read More

What is the Natural River Program?

In 1994, LMWCC founders John Gorys and Howard Roberts were appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to serve on a committee studying the advisability of having the Little Manistee River designated as a Wild and Scenic River… Read More

Improvement on Carrieville Erosion sites

The LMWCC has been working in partnership with the Conservation Resource Alliance to improve a number of identified erosion sites on the Little Manistee River. This past summer we focused on three sites near Carrieville. A lot of… Read More

Syers Creek Habitat Improvement Shows in Fish Numbers

In 2012, the LMWCC received a grant from Patagonia for $6,000 to improve fish habitat in Syers Creek, a tributary of the Little Manistee River. Comparison chart below shows striking improvement in fish numbers from 2012 to 2015 measurements…. Read More

Replacing Dead and Dying Ash Trees

Recently, some of the LMWCC members asked what tree species private landowners should look to plant to replace the ash trees that are currently dying. The question was posed to some of our MDNR Foresters, and the response… Read More

Johnson Bridge River Access Project

A better way to access the river is now available where the Johnson Bridge crosses the Little Manistee. LMWCC member and TiKi Lodge owner was concerned about how the steep bank at the bridge was eroding into the… Read More

2014 Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Survey Results

The results of our 2014 Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate surveys are in. 2014 Macroinvertebrate Survey Results 2014 Water Quality Survey Results

Little Manistee River Water Quality Survey 2013

As is evident from the chart above, the e.coli numbers from 9 Mile Bridge down to Stronach Road are excessively high. A later sampling done on the 7th of August found those readings considerably lower and consistent with historical numbers…. Read More

Chemical compounds in water and their effect on the health of a stream

This is a supplemental discussion on chemical compounds in water and their effect on the health of a stream, To learn more about the 2013 Water Quality Survey of the Little Manistee River,  LMWCC-Newsletter-FW-2013 Chemicals and Compounds in… Read More

Memorial Day 2013 Volunteer Project

Last Saturday, a group of LMWCC members and friends gave up a few hours of their holiday weekend to help improve the Little Manistee River at Indian Bridge’s DNR Access. Check out the pictures!